9Round Kickboxing

9Round is a kickbox fitness franchise with 750+ locations around the world. But even with the large footprint, overall brand awareness was stagnant. To expand on hyperlocal advertising and marketing efforts, 9Round needed to launch its first-ever national awareness campaign with the goal of increasing the number of free trial workouts booked across the US and Canada.

Once our audience captivated on via social media and motivated to act, we gave them a clear and easy pathway to find their local 9Round and take advantage of a free high-powered, 30-minute workout.


Web & Social






We leveraged a combination of traditional and digital advertising, marketing, landing pages and social influencers to introduce 9Round to millions of people in North America. Channels included:​

  • Banner ads on popular websites

  • Organic content and paid advertising in their Instagram and Facebook feeds

  • Pre-roll video ads on websites and social media

  • Blog and social posts from fitness bloggers and influencers they follow

  • Remarketing was used to enhance the campaigns and convert interested people into free workouts. Remarketing also ran by itself at the end of the campaign, capturing a large number of total conversions